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Just in case you didn't catch on.

Surreal U is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.


Surreal U is a now finished webcomic. Look upon Surreal U, ye ignorant masses, and weep in despair. Surreal Ustarted as a comic in a college paper, but the author/main character was fired due to his inability to play nice. It stars me as myself and my friends as themselves, but none of us really act like ourselves, understand? Not a typical college comic in any sense. There are extras being added all the time (scroll down this table to see them).
You can for suggestions, complaints, and encouragement. Or just write me anyways (so alone *weep*) Send me any virus-riddled email and I'll eat your mother's children... uh, that would be you I guess.
I suggest the forum if you have a question that you think the entire public would be enlighted by.
Surreal U is currently finished, but for those of you that need content every day, I have a humorous blog to console you.
Quality varies, humor not guaranteed. But everyone is charmed by us eventually.

Weird links and extra content.
Surreal U Movie Preview
Surreal U character Quiz
Chibi Surreal U Collection
My Blog
Valentines special
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There are many ways to support Surreal U and boost my ego.
Tell a friend about it via email or your creepy livejournal site.
You can send fanart or guest comics to me.
You can join the forums and start discussions.
Plant a tree.
Then turn the tree into pulp and print Surreal U comics on it and pass them around.
Two words: Guerrilla advertising.
Or you can donate (just fifty cents does quite a bit) by pressing the donation button.
And if you want something for your money, may I suggest the Store?

Oh, and voting on the topsites for Surreal U is always cool too.

Topsites are big popularity contests, just like highschool. Vote for me so others can enjoy Surreal U. These are also great places to find other webcomics worth reading, so look around.